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Pangea. The name is derived from Greek meaning “all the earth”. It’s the concept that the continents once formed a contiguous land mass. For us, it serves as a reminder that we are all one community.  The Pangea Group of Companies focus is leaving a positive, lasting impact on the communities we serve. Whether it is developing an office park allowing small business owners work close to home, guiding active adults from around the country purchase a new home to enjoy their golden years, or investing in minority and women-owned tech startups, we hope to influence those we interact with in a positive way

Our Pledge

In any venture we undertake, we will do so with the utmost integrity and transparency placing our stakeholders first in every decision that is made.

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Pangea Development Group

Pangea Venture Group

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Pangea Realty Group

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Pangea has a glowing track record of real estate investment and development projects.

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